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Hyperlinks to Articles of Interest October 2015

October 5, 2015 This fall, let’s clear the air by retiring woodstoves Air-quality scientist David Lighthall, 61, dies David J. Lighthall Proposition 1 poses latest air quality regulation question to votersProposition stops progress on clean airAssembly candidate says borough misleads about wood smoke effects Wood stove changeout program in Cheshire County likely in its final yearThere’s still time to trade up your old wood stove Where there’s smoke, there’s air quality scientists Keep the Home Fires Burning Clean Air Attribute Drives Support for Nuclear Energy Survey Shows Art contest for kids HARRIS COUNTY ATTORNEY VINCE RYAN IS (OF COURSE) SUING VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen software scandal may not lead to criminal prosecution due to loophole in Clean Air Act Critics Accuse EPA Of Fudging The Math On Its Global Warming Rule Why ‘science’ alone isn’t enough for setting environmental policy Assemblyman explains claim about borough registering wood stoves For EPA’s ozone standard, no cost is too high, no risk too low GOP wants to abolish the EPA The Volkswagen Scandal Wasn’t Exposed by Regulators, but by Two Engineers Working at a Small Non-Profit Lab Washington County moves to restrict wood-smoke emissions (photos) The EPA Has Tightened Ozone Standards — and Absolutely No One Is Happy All eyes on air quality Money from EPA fines on Virginia trucking company to help clean Valley air Editorial: District correctly reverses course on sealing fireplaces after catching public heat Volkswagen Scandal and Wood Heat Technology Patience preached with Windham wood heat project Spare Your Air with Woodstove Rebates in Sonoma County Keeping the home fires burning: Borough Assembly would be wise to continue stove change-out program Winter Spare the Air season starts Sunday with new limits on wood burning Air Quality District Adopts New Wood Burning Regulations Valley winter wood-burning ban starts again Sunday New Limits on Wood Burning Starts for Pleasanton Sunday Wood stove bylaw tabled

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