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Hyperlinks to Articles of Interest August 2015

August 9, 2015 Carmel: Limited moratorium on beach fires passed China’s Anti-Corruption Fight Turns Toward Environmental Agency EPA colluded with environmental groups on new climate rules, GOP report finds Report: Detailed Evidence of ‘Cozy Relationships,’ Secret Meetings Between Obama Admin and Environmental Activists Republicans criticize ‘sue-and-settle’ arrangements Feds release draft environmental review of Oregon LNG project NIWA trials new generation air quality sensors One Year in FLIR: Exposing invisible fracking air pollution At Last: UK Government Put Shale Gas On Fast Track NYSERDA Announces Changes to State Support to Make High-Efficiency, Low-Emission Wood Heating Systems More Affordable UPDATED: TEP Says Farewell to Coal at Largest Local Power Plant to Primarily Rely on Natural Gas Rick Manning: EPA’s Gina McCarthy Should Be Fired Final year for wood burning device change-out program No smoky chimney snitches in Geraldine Biomass users risk RHI loss unless they meet October 5 deadline Church’s environment commission says MPs should not serve interest groups  ‘Sepa overlooked objections to nuclear power plants’ EPA’s cure usually worse than the ‘disease’ Kyoto protocol’s carbon credit scheme ‘increased emissions by 600m tonnes’ Get a whiff of this: Canadians bottle fresh, mountain air

Update: John Beale, EPA Fraudster:

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