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Hyperlinks to Articles of Interest March 2015

February 28, 2015 My wood-burning stove is expensive, trendy – and miserable Fairbanks-area residents asked to refrain from open burning as state air quality rules start Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly adds money to stove changeout program House likely to vote on EPA ‘secret science’ bill New wood-burning rules: Less smoke, possibly more confusion Fairbanks Assembly OKs Air-Quality Ordinance; Dissenter Predicts Voter Backlash Senate passes wood heater legislation Federal judge trashes EPA compliance, attitude on Freedom of Information Act Clean-air groups band together to denounce lawmakers’ ‘lame excuses’ Lawmakers push back against proposed ban on burning in Utah; critics say they’re rolling back clean-air protections Op-ed: Legislative session has been a clean-air disaster EDITORIAL: Burning issues Open fireplace ban unlikely in Auckland County lawmaker’s wood-burning bill clears committee Tuesday Minority Liberal Ideology Drives Majority Climate Science Oil and gas industry allowed to contaminate California underground water, regulators acknowledge Lawmakers say ‘no’ to seasonal wood-burning ban New research shows wood smoke’s impact on health Off the table for now in Utah, wood smoke regulations fuel fights elsewhere in U.S. Mike Butler: Woodburner police for Auckland? Effort to regulate wood smoke kindles slow burn EPA Fakes Regulatory Cost-Benefit Calculations Alarmist climate science and the principle of exclusion Scientific sleight of hand: constructing concern about ‘particulates’ from e-cigarettes Another skeptical university professor fired – related to CARB’s PM2.5 air pollution regulation scandal CSIRO findings help wood heaters get low GHG emission rating: SCHOTT Australia

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