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Hyperlinks to Articles of Interest December 2014

December 1, 2014

Clean Air and Comfort for Your Home – Replace your old wood burning stove and save

Napan questions placement of air quality station

Hearings planned on proposed air regulations

Congress should pledge billions for climate change fight


Burning Wood This Winter? Consider Air Quality

Austria firewood explodes in wood stove

Deadly secret hidden in firewood

Perfect Science (

EPA Proposes To Strength Air Quality Standards in Santa Clarita Valley

“‘Perfect Science’, and yet fails to type a ‘perfect’ headline”


The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah wood burn rules set to change, but it’s business as usual for restaurants

“Utah is sitting on $500,000 in grants to install free furnaces.

But nearly six months after the Legislature made the money available, not a single homeowner has stepped forward to take advantage of a program that is meant to reduce the wintertime emissions that foul the air along the Wasatch Front.”

With no funding, Utah clean-air panel dies as smog lives on

Eleven EU nations call for cleaner air, less waste

STATEMENT: CAP’s Carol M. Browner on the Closing of the Clean Power Plan Public Comment Period

Blair Horner: The Cuomo Administration Is Criticized For Its Secrecy

Indiana County township claims ecosystem has legal rights

As fraud allegations mount against Chesapeake Energy, so does frustration

Environment activists question committee formed to review green laws

Hillary Clinton avoids Keystone at conservation group event

New ozone regulations show compromise

US Officials: Europe Has Upper Hand Over Russia In Energy Security

Natural gas for India’s energy security


Infiltration of Black Carbon Particles from Residential Woodsmoke into Nearby Homes

Ten Things You Need to Know if You Burn Wood

TSB makes $5.4m provision against remaining $53.7m holding of Solid Energy bonds

Burn ban: 3 counties extended, 12 expired in Central/Eastern state

[UPDATED] Local air-quality on ‘watch;’ wood burning discouraged

Decisive Dividend Corporation Announces Proposed Qualifying Transaction

EPA: Officials block watchdogs as misconduct cases persist — IG

Wood stove, fireplace use banned in Clark County because of poor air quality

Dominion $1.8M fine provides CT with wood stoves

Where there’s smoke: Michigan may battle EPA over wood stove rules

Gov. Herbert proposes wood-burning ban

Court ruling eases curbs on gas compressor plants

EPA staffers linked to ‘alleged serious misconduct,’ agency reveals

Faith, business and Utah leaders weigh in on Clean Power Plan

City: Abilene water safe to drink despite unusual taste, odor

Greens press EPA to finalize strong smog protections

Fireplaces are cozy but toxic

Air Quality Board Seeking Public Comment on Wood Burning Ban

Hydronic heaters must be dealt with

Most people testifying at air quality hearings said regulations don’t do enough

Burning issue: Dismay as Paris bans log fires

Canada makes climate mistake

LETTER: Democrats have lost pride in themselves

The Strongest Fracking Rules In America

Effects of Wood Smoke Particles on Influenza-induced Nasal Inflammation in Normal Volunteers

Out of the woods

Burn ban on until Saturday

Festive fears as households more worried about paying for heating than presents

December 5, 1952: Thousands suffocate as Great Smog descends on London

Hydronic heaters must be dealt with

RFP issued for Windham County Vermont modern wood heat program

Timeline set for ECAN review

Air Quality Board Seeking Public Comment on Wood Burning Ban

Volunteers learn value of wood as heat source

EPA’s comment dilemma: so many voices, so little time

What does WETT mean?

“Phone around. Ask. Ditch the crooked insurance provider.”

Rocket stove workshop will be held Dec. 11 in Fairbanks

Firewood as fuel

EagleRidge students tackle air quality

“Youth indoctrination?”

Climate change will make more politicians into environmentalists

Action urged on ‘invisible killer’

MPs call for Low Emission Zones across UK to tackle ‘killer’ air pollution

Air pollution ‘causing deadly public health crisis’

Climate change adaptation costs a wake-up call

Cumberland County and environmental groups continue searching for common ground on land swap

Study Finds Toxins, Cancer-Causing Air Pollution at Oil, Gas Wells

Green groups hit back at BusinessEurope over attack on environmental ‘red tape’

Old-timey wood stoves need to get new-timey if we really want to make use of them

Company’s charitable contributions make consumers more forgiving of error

Shale gas construction boom to add 130 million tons in greenhouse gas emissions, report says

Montreal studies changes to wood-burning bylaw

Ultra low emission burner passes tough ECan test

Walltherm passes Canterbury’s pollution emissions test

Bad air quality prompts Reno alert; no wood burning

How to get the best from your wood burner

Paris log fire ban goes up in flames

Parisians oppose wood-burning ban

EPA emissions plan receives an earful, official says in Milwaukee visit

Marita Noon: Welcome to the O-zone—where economic development is a zero-sum game

Beale was just one example of EPA employee shenanigans

Addressed to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Interested Elected and Appointed Officials.

Fears grow that EU Clean Air proposals could be scrapped

Health board hears public input on proposed wood-burning ban

Congress stuck a few anti-environmental measures in the ‘CRomnibus’ spending bill

Green Deal £24m fund runs out in just a day

EPA Finds Fun and Creative Ways to Waste Taxpayer Dollars

Skeptics Cleared Off Stage: Apollo 7 Astronaut Rushed Off Stage At UN Climate Summit To Make Way For Kerry Photo Op

Canadian top ten list for the US–boy are we stupid

Air quality and its impact on transplants

E.P.A. To Use North Pole Air Data

As Other Small Businesses Fail, Fireside Supply Captures Bigger Market

Put a wood-burning stove into your fireplace and it could add value to your property as well as saving money on heating bills

Lima outcome in doubt as China rejects US attempt to scrunitise emissions

Climate talks run into overtime as India, others reject first draft

In some parts of Kentucky, ‘a lot more people burning wood’ to heat homes

Air emergency in effect in the valley

Paris: Ban on log fires goes up in smoke








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