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Hyperlinks to articles of interest November 2014

November 3, 2014


90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh’s NPR News Station:

Online Tool Pinpoints Wood Burning Areas


Biomass Magazine:

Perfect Storm for a Pellet and Firewood Shortage


Union of Concerned Scientists:

Public Health Service Scientists Deserve Robust Whistleblower Protections


The Fresno Bee

Valley’s stricter wood-burning rules start on stormy weekend

Strictest wood-burning rules in nation begin Saturday


The Telegraph:

Fracking emits more formaldehyde than medical students experience from dead bodies

Citizen Columnist / John Huber / Smoke from wood stoves pollutes air, harms neighbors


Marin News:

Spare the Air season begins Saturday; check before burning


The Register-Guard:

Wood burning restrictions now in place for Lane County

One program to ease wood smoke starting, another ends

Ozone season ends; state ushers in wood smoke restrictions


Yakima Herakd:

Stage 1 burn ban called for Yakima County

Much of San Joaquin can apply for cap-and-trade funds

Minimize smoke from wood-burning appliances

Introducing ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres

Fireplace and wood stove smoke can make you sick
But breathing problems aren’t the only concern

‘Check before you burn’ season underway for fireplaces, stoves

The Fresno Bee:

Forecasting is also an issue in controversial wood-burning rules



EPA’s Clean Power Plan Defies Its Own Regulation

Construction dust: Our major cause of pollution

To improve air quality, Washington County urges residents to avoid burning wood this winter


To improve air quality, Washington County urges residents to avoid burning wood on bad air days this winter



The Salt Lake Tribune:

Morgan County Judge: Wood boiler not a nuisance

Minimize smoke from wood-burning appliances

Our View: New burning rules irksome, but will save lives

Exposing the Green Money Machine

Valley Air Board issues fireplace, wood stove curtailment

Fracking in Marcellus turns 10

Gates Mills voters deny anti-fracking bill of rights, unofficial election results show

Environmentally, what’s the fracking difference?

The Movement For Environmental Rights Is Building


Deseret News. 2013:

Physicians group targets fireplaces and fuel burning stoves

Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage
By Dr Brian Moench


Aitken Age:

EPA rules to affect rural wood burners

Texas City’s Fracking Ban Challenged by Energy Group


Coal-rich Poland ready to block EU climate deal

Fairbanks assembly fumes at state’s lack of progress on air quality fix

More powers for Environment Officers

Hazardous pollution conditions, no wood-burning day declared

The power of a stove

Canadian energy company stalked by controversy over its sales methods

Friday’s Top 10: David Whitburn on the RMA and housing affordability; Why state house sales are good; Is the Labour Party in terminal decline? Why CGT’s a lemon

Move Over World Bank: Bilateral Institutions Lead Investment Beyond the Grid

Wood Burning Stoves Still a Hot Issue in Dennis Township

Rebates available for all Valley residents through Wood Stove Exchange Program

Where air quality data, rules could get confusing

Rebates offered to trade-in older wood burning stoves

Poland rejects IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100

Gilbert: Linden man chops wood, warms hearts

Bring the heat

Climate Toolkit for Media Relations

UN urges greater efforts in protection of environment from ravages of war

Wood burning banned in Valley’s unhealthy air

Cares: Virginia should be fracking

EU Fracking Boom Becoming Less Likely

Sustainability of Heating with Wood

Childhood brain tumours linked with parents’ activities

Neil Young calls pipeline issues ‘scabs on our lives’

EPA facing suit over McCarthy’s deleted text messages

Republicans unlikely to aid environmental policy

No-Burn Alert: Mandatory Wood-Burning Ban in Effect Now for Residents of the South Coast Air Basin

High pollution levels expected to continue with irregular weather

Is climate change making the Ebola outbreak worse?


Allegheny County Takes the First Steps towards Banning Opening Burning

New wood stove exchange program benefits communities


The Press Enterprise:

ENVIRONMENT: Foul fall air quality spurs ‘no burn’ days (rebranded from previously known

ETS dreamers should abandon Direct Action hope (rebranded from previously known

NSW Government leaves energy efficiency in limbo

My view: Wood burning hurts Utah air quality

 (…”and my view: you’re paid to say that”) (…”and not by the majority of energy consumers either)

No-Burn Alert Issued For 2nd Day In Southern California

No-Burn Day Extended to Tuesday

Wednesday Will Be Third No-Burn Day This Week


Lunenburg farmhouse blaze blamed on wood stove pipe

No-burn alert issued for Southern California

Don’t light that fire: AQMD declares no-burn days

Check Before You Burn

Op-ed: We need Utahns’ hearts, not just minds, to improve the air

Wednesday letters: Knowing what we breathe

Jersey Grown Wood warming your ‘peeps’ this season

How about replacing that outdated wood stove?

OECD report highlights importance of RMA reform

Democrat Consultant Guilty of Fraud

“Political consultant Thomas Lindenfeld has pleaded guilty to fraud and corruption charges involving illegal funneling of $15 million of federal grants to a shell ‘environmental’ group”

Labor abandons energy target talks

RET deal off: The only certainty is uncertainty for the clean energy industry

Palmer: ‘No Chance’ For Renewable Energy Target Reduction

More modest changes suggested for wood boilers

SCAQMD declares No-Burn Day today making wood burning fireplace use illegal

Ethanol Scheme to Clean Air in Billions of Kitchens Goes Up in Smoke

Environmental expert opposes LNG

Bad air: What being in the ‘thick of it’ means

Air Pollution Control officials ban Wood-Burning In San Joaquin Valley

Emissions rules yield little benefit

History 101: Pollution rules good for economy and pocketbooks

Republicans vow EPA fight as Obama touts China climate deal

NASA official says in NYTimes if you question climate models then you must also question Newtonian mechanics

Study Shows 1 in 10 Americans Suffer from Severe Weather Phobia

WHO sets guidelines to reduce indoor pollution deaths

What’s old is renewed: State going back to basics, pushes wood heat

Inversion causing poor air quality in Fairbanks through weekend

Another $2 million available for upgrading stoves, inserts

EIA: More wood to be used in heating, power applications in 2015

G20 mulls overhaul of global energy market

Letter: Clean, fresh air

‘Green tape’ can boost growth, study finds

Shale gas unlikely to make the UK energy self-sufficient, says report

Ministers’ shale gas ‘hype’ attacked

Fracking won’t cut bills and ministers ‘oversold’ shale gas benefits, experts say


UK Experts Warn Over Government’s Enthusiasm For Shale Gas

Stagnant air prompts burn ban in Snohomish County

Chimneys and the future of fireplaces

Stagnant air prompts burn ban east of Cascades

Burn ban starts Sunday in region

Qatar cuts its offer for LNG to $14 per MMBTU

Wood Smoke Reduction Grant Funding Available

The Truth About Natural Gas: A ‘Green’ Bridge to Hell

Barnidge: There’s nothing easy about declaring a ‘No Burn’ day

Energy efficiency agreement expected at G20 Summit

G20 stresses energy security in pro-growth

Hopes for energy price relief are justified

More insulation can help China clean up its act

Burn ban ordered for Pierce County

Air quality advisory for Kamloops

Who still burns wood to heat their home?

Stage 2 Burn Ban issued for Snohomish County

Canada breaks with Australia to contribute to Green Climate Fund

How can U.S. strike a blow against ISIS and Russia? Try moving ahead with fracking (opinion)

White House #AskDrH Climate Social Media Campaign an #EpicFail

North Pole air pollution could reach hazardous levels

Driessen expounds on the ongoing EPA crusade–air pollution, ozone

Rare South Thompson Winter Air Quality Advisory Issued

From the belly of the leftist beast–Oregon, comments from Gordon Fulks, Physicist

Wood stove rules aim to clear the air

How to burn wood properly

Open-burning ban ordered across Cowichan

Burn ban in effect in Yakima County


Alaska Dispatch News:

State says Fairbanks needs 4 more years to meet federal clean-air standards

Clean air agency announces countywide burn ban

Burn Ban Takes Effect Today in Thurston County, Nisqually Reservation

Burn ban, including use of fireplaces and uncertified wood stoves, in effect for Clark County

Burn ban in Franklin, Walla Walla counties extended

Southwest Clean Air Agency issues air stagnation advisory

Belgian judge charges HSBC branch with fraud

U.S. Must Reject The Green Climate Fund And Its Indulgence Scheme

Council red tape leaves homeowner cold

Clearance Received for the Sale of National Home Services by Just Energy Group Inc. to Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership


The Salt Lake Tribune:

Trib Talk: Why wood smoke is bad for air quality

Butte Hopes to Improve Air Quality with Wood Stove Change Out Program

Winter weather knocks back air quality in Western Montana

Expanded burn ban implemented in Pierce County

(Brrr… I say, Brrrr…!)

The walking meditation of stacking wood

Widow gives voice to younger-onset Alzheimer’s

Get Ahead of the Winter Freeze

HAMILTON: The old wood stove

Heat from the hearth: The pleasures of wood burning stoves

Heat Your Home on Your Terms

Arctic Blast: 12 Tips to Heat Your Home Safely

Wood pellet logs touted as way to fight Interior Alaska’s dirty air

This Wearable Detects Pollution to Build Air Quality Maps in Real Time

Amending Colorado’s Constitution: Do Communities Have Right to Clean Air and Water?

Clean Air Agency puts King County under overnight burn ban

State releases proposed air quality rules


The Salt Lake Tribune:

Letter: Thanks for making Utah’s air better

Fatal Miscalculation

The Green Climate Fund is not a charity but an investment in our shared future

François Hollande insists green climate fund must be part of emissions deal

Vermont seeks Windham County wood heat proposals

New Report: Big Business Gaming the Rules Against Public Protections and Small Businesses

Ozone Rules Could Set Off Fight Between Environmental, Economic Interests

Liberal ‘hell no’ caucus rises

House Passes Bill That Makes It Harder For Scientists To Advise The EPA

Amir Peretz Calls it Quits as Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister

Air pollution in Israel dropped significantly from 2012-2013, ministry’s report says

Now, penal action against those breaking green laws

Why Does Washington Want to Hide Science Data From the Public?

Calling out crackdowns on protesters and the stripping of environmental protection laws

EPA struggles to find independent experts in ‘small’ New Zealand

Fracking to be permitted in GW National Forest

Environmental group links ‘beneficial reuse’ of coal ash to southeastern Wisconsin well contamination

How the frack did over three billion gallons of water get contaminated due to fracking

House passes bill to reform EPA science panel

Washington Gas Energy Services Recognized with EPA Green Power Leadership Award

EPA urged to collaborate with research institutions

House Republicans pass yet another underhanded attack on science

Europe’s Cities Still Suffering from Harmful Air Pollution

State releases proposed air quality rules

San Joaquin Valley incentive program gets additional $2 million

In our opinion: Smoking aside, Utah can still limit lung cancer with improved air quality

UN report says energy efficiency integral to bridging emissions gap

Air pollution alert for Butte issued

Burn ban extended in Walla Walla County

Incentives offered to residents to trade in wood stoves

Experts recommend preparing home for record low temperatures

Officials Issue Warnings For Auxiliary Heating As Accidental Fire Risks

EEB: Withdrawal of “Clean Air and Waste Packages” by the new EU Commission?

‘Most transparent administration’ ever threatens to veto EPA transparency bills

Delay tackling traffic fumes ‘costing Scots lives’

Cap-and-Trade Market Quakes the First Time California Enforces Rules

D.C. Circuit merges challenges to EPA rules, streamlines proceedings

Congress Must Block These Attacks on Independent Science | Commentary

Canada: Canadian Businessman Extradited To US On Fraud And Bid Rigging Charges

Nigeria: Firm Petitions Police, U.S. Over Alleged Fraud

Open houses, public hearings scheduled on proposed air-quality and wood-stove regulations

Old Wood Cook Stoves Are Still A Draw, For Some

Clean Air and Comfort for Your Home – Replace your old wood burning stove and save

Thanksgiving ‘Spare the Air’ Alert Issued: No Wood Burning in Millbrae on Turkey Day

State, Fairbanks borough gather opinions about pollution rules

Fairbanks stove swap program running on fumes

Campaign calls attention to burning wood wisely

As Wood Stove Changeout Program Brings Cleaner Air to Southeastern New England, EPA Offers Advice for Safer, Cleaner Wood-Burning

RDCK joins new wood stove exchange

No Wood Burning in Milpitas Allowed Next 24 Hours: Winter ‘Spare the Air’ Issued

New EPA rules for wood burners set to go into effect

Pipeline Crunch Could Keep Northeast’s Heating Bills High

Replace Your Old Wood Burning Stove for Cash

EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Likely to fail regardless of litigation outcome

Storm Brewing Over New EPA Ozone Standard

Energy and Environment Law Update: Week of 11/24/2014

Forest Service to begin prescribed burning projects in Kern

The Cheapskate’s Guide to Home Heating

Burners could make a comeback in city

Commercial use of wood energy is heating up

Statins May Protect People from Air Pollution

Mansfield Clean Energy Completes First CNG Station

Mulch fire smoke in West Valley a ‘nuisance,’ not toxic

‘Spare the Air’ snuffs Thanksgiving fires


Don’t Light Tonight in effect for all of Yolo County and the northeastern portion of Solano County

Just Energy subsidiary faces $7M in penalties from Competition Bureau

EPA: Lawmakers target management woes in behind-the-scenes probes

Bankruptcy Court Awards West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection $2.7 Million

LNP took donations from coal seam gas companies, Senate inquiry told

EPA sued for failing to track lead

Renewable energy infrastructure

U.S. Pledges $3B for Green Climate Fund


New report: EPA can quickly cut methane from oil, gas industry

Letter: Please be aware of impact of wood smoke

Bill rewards citizens arresting smoke belchers

Eight EPA Workers Given More Than $1M in Paid Leave

Manufacturers support H.R. 4795, the Promoting New Manufacturing Act

Impact of wood-burning fires on Utah’s air quality

Markets – US LPG exports and Suezmax rates soar

EDF Co-Hosts International Green Bank Summit on Catalyzing Private Sector Capital for Clean Energy

Republicans take aim at imaginary target: ‘secret science’

Whistleblower and fraud news summary for week of November 17

China Shale Boom Fizzles as Clean Energy, Imports Take Lead




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