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Hyperlinks to articles of interest October 2014

September 17, 2014


Watts Up With That?:

Weekly Climate and Energy news Roundup Anthony Watts / April 13, 2014


re news:

Gaelectric branches into biomass



environmental investigation agency:

30 years of EIA – a legacy of environmental protection



#GCFund press release: Green Climate Fund poised for initial capitalization


Turlock Journal:

Air district looks to tighten wood burning regulations


H&V News:

Keep warm this winter with a wood burning stove


Seven Days: Vermont’s Independent Voice:

Wood, Pellet or Gas: What’s the Best Hottie for Your House?


Air Quality Matters

By Alan Kandel:

More on AQI and daily Valley wood-burning standard up for vote

Obama’s “Copenhagen Accord” – UNFCCC turns to WTO?


Climate Central:

Arctic Sea Ice to Reach Sixth Lowest Extent on Record



Watts Up With That?:

Sierra Club and Sierra Club Foundation Accused of Tax Law Violations

Maybe this is why

Wood stove swaps will clean air


Daily Kos:

Sierra Club Takes Major Hit in Texas Litigation – $6.4 Million Attorney Fee Award





The Maine Wire:

LePage: Wood-burning stoves get a regulatory chill


SWITCHBOARD Natural Resources defense Council Staff Blog:

An Extreme Congressional Attack on Americans’ Right to Breathe Healthy Air


The Boston Globe, Opinion:

Nuclear energy must be part of climate change strategy


The Journal, Pearland – Your Houston News :

Olson, Latta intoduce ozone bill to require EPA to balance clean air with economic stability


The Daily Caller:

Watchdog Asks IRS To Probe Alleged Sierra Club Profiteering Off Its Tax Exempt Status


Huffington Post – Green:

Mississippi Power And Sierra Club Settle Litigation Over Coal Plant Construction


The Blaze:

Oops… EPA chief says costs of saving the environment ‘outweigh the benefits’



Gina McCarthy stands firm in natural gas support


The Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Energy Policy Needs to Set Goals Without Meddling


The State Journal:

EPA releases Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program data, attributes emissions increase to coal-fired power plants

American Lung Association Contradicts Its Own Mission

ALA Historical Timeline



The Washington Post:

An uneasy alliance on natural gas fractures

American Lung Association Public Policy Position on Energy



The American Lung Association Supports Fracking?



Calls for Standards Australia to change emissions allowance for wood burning heaters


The Porterville Recorder:

Air board adopts new wood-burning rules




Is the EU’s carbon market safe from fraud?

EPA Regulations / NSPS
By James E. Houck and Paul Tiegs:

There’s a Freight Train Comin’ !



Norwegian company to boost Maine production



Stove sales fire up Gorham business
Jotul doubling manufacturing capacity


John Locke Foundation:

American Lung Association Report Deserves Scorn


Fort Fairfield Journal:

E.P.A. Set to Ban Wood Stoves Via Executive Fiat


The Washington Free Beacon:

Clean Energy Gets Dirty
Natural gas billionaire uses green lobby to take out competitors


Green Hell Blog:

EPA’s desperate new smog scare



MIT Study: EPA “Carbon Pollution” Rule Will Not Incentivize Investment In Carbon Capture Technology

EPA’s Staff Recommends Lower Ozone Standard, But it Doesn’t Matter, Because EPA Has No Say


Charity Vault:

Alliance between natural gas industry, environmental groups fractures

Time to renew the Home Heating Protection Act


Climate Central:

World’s First Carbon Capture Power Plant Switches On


National Geographic

The Great Energy Challenge:

World’s First Full-Scale ‘Clean’ Coal Plant Opens in Canada


Los Angeles Daily News:

Outlook good for abundant, clean energy source: Guest commentary


Yakima Herald:

Air quality monitor installed in Sunnyside


ELECTRICITY: Why the oil majors are backing away from renewable energy

Pollution program is offering incentives to give up firewood

Heating with wood: 3 mistakes to avoid


Biomass Magazine:

What’s Going On With Cordwood (Or the Lack There Of)?


Business Spectator:

Global carbon capture begins – as Australia dithers



Primary Document Dump Fridays: Anatomy of an Ongoing Sue & Settle Scandal

Shocker: Greens’ Favorite Court for “Sue and Settle” Is in California Bay Area

Clearing up confusion between correlation and causation

Steve Minick from Texas Association of Business on the EPA Clean Power Plan


Nasdaq Global Newswire:

EPA’s “Particulate Matter” Rule is Cargo Cult Science, Doctor States

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Particulate Matter Rules: One Physician’s Crusade against Cargo Cult Science

Republicans Wage Anti-‘Secret Science’ Campaign Against The EPA

Author of ‘EPA Playbook’? Report claims notorious fraudster was behind costly EPA regulations



Frackers Fund University Research That Proves Their Case

Policy: Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims


Alaska Dispatch News:

Effort to ban local pollution controls splits Fairbanks vote


Canadian Nuclear Association:

Nuclear Brings Clean Air to Ontario

Corporate “Big Green” Behind the Climate Change Marches

Europe’s energy security strategy must be to beef up our gas infrastructure


Valley News:

Stoking the Fires: New Ownership Fuels Optimism at Woodstove Maker Vermont Castings

Science and the Toxic Scare Machine

California’s Toxic Air Scare Machine


Doctors for Disaster Preparedness:

Carbon and Death

How to Make More Published Research True

High turnout in west Fairbanks helped defeat Prop 2 air quality measure

NRDC Left with Egg on Face as “Laughable” Lawsuit Proceeds against Proposed Clean Power Plan


The Daily Caller:

First Ever EPA Chief May Have Lied To Congress


Environmental Integrity Project:


Natural gas conversion criticized

Fed Emissions Rules Need Study

Whatever happened to science?

More discusion on John Beale, CIA operative

Wood heat is an efficient and affordable local energy source for much of Nova Scotia

Wood heat is an efficient and affordable local energy source for much of Newfoundland and Labrador

Farmers still take dim view of ECan

Just Energy Group Inc.: Confirmatory Press Release

U.S. Energy Policies Based on Inflated Fracking Predictions: Post Carbon Institute Report


Climate Change Dispatch

Designing The President’s Global Warming Plan

“n 1997, with a major fight over proposed ozone standards looking bleak for the EPA, Beale developed a memo that turned the tide by relying on claims of outsized health benefits from reducing particulate matter. The benefits were based on two data sets, the Harvard “Six Cities” and American Cancer Society studies. The data was already a decade old and had never been independently verified. But the secret science attached huge alleged benefits to the proposed regulation, and it was ultimately adopted.

Those two studies are still secret, and still the EPA’s favorite trick to get expensive regulations past the finish line. They have gone to the well 33 times, and yet the alleged health benefits from the secret studies get bigger and bigger — when they should be getting smaller, as each regulation further reducing emissions of particulate matter.

Robert Brenner, the EPA policy director who hired Beale, was effusive in his praise, telling Beale in 2011 as he prepared to retire: “legislative, regulatory and international successes came when you were around to develop the strategy and make sure we all did our jobs in carrying it out. There is just no one better at it than you.”

Now Beale is locked up for fraud, but his secret science trick marches on.”



EPA Investigation of John Beale


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