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Cold/ Cooling Chimneys, Negative Pressure, Down Draught, Unwanted Smoke – Appliance emissions laws ignore typical winter ‘ventilation’ issues that affect combustion/ efficiency and smoke issues

August 17, 2013



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To safely and effectively remove the irritants, and possibly toxic particles condensing in communities over winter months, we need more than firebox technology and the ratings applied to them in conditions not like those found in winter. High Pressure winter temperatures push down on/ block the appliance’s heated air from flowing upward. Complete combustion conditions needed to reduce the particulates are compromised by conflicting cool air flow from above. By equalising the conflicting pressures in a chamber above the flue terminal, the negative weather influence can be neutralised effectively and the appliance is able to work more consistently to what is advertised.

All the home heating operator wants to do is control the heat and fuel consumption, by controlling the fuel quality, loading and oxygen intake on their appliance. They do not want uncontrollable weather conditions determining the rate that they’ll get through their wood supply or the quality of their radiant room heat, consistent combustion conditions (as lab rated), or anything that may be detrimental to the local air quality inside or outside their home. Appliance emission standards only pass the quality of the appliance in ideal, optimum conditions, not the whole system in real winter conditions.

Still got smoke problems? Well, there’s chimney cowls, or there’s guess work.

It may not necessarily be a flue extension, or a tree that needs cutting down, and it’s not necessarily due to the wood fuel quality either. There is a presence of a greater volume of falling high pressure air than rising low pressure air inside a vertical exhaust pipe. It may be a chimney cowl that is needed to remove negative pressure – one designed to do more than just deflect wind and rain.

Many cowls for weather related wood burner issues exist and are sold internationally. Curiously however, Green, Enviro, Eco and Bio Labels all seem to ignore cowls as something only trivial and unrelated to the wood stove smoke problem. In the Green market world it is so far only the ‘Green Labelled’ appliance that solves the problem, and if retrofitting – at best, a ‘Green’ labelled catalyst/ filter. There are bans and penalties dreamed up by mildly sadistic bureaucrats and energy/ fuel retail organisations, but real, affordable and  useful solutions are not coming fast enough from these ‘Green’ friendly organisations. It appears all that scientific funding has found no other solution, other than a consumer heating product ban.

The market is surging forward with this neo-public relations reformation to ‘Greening’ every polluting thing – market projections, but with Clean Air Act lobbying and the educated environmental market mechanisms, with wood heater/ stove emissions, they’ve almost missed the mark entirely. Whatever the reason why, it was an inevitability to either profit or lose from, from the start.

For real, working people in our communities, self sufficiency and sustainability are very real and intertwined. It’s obviously not this way for utility providers, energy/ fuels based retail or specialised environmental services industries, or believe it or not – Local Government. Log wood heating, cooking and wet back options are very important to many and it’s understood that the self sufficient benefits out-weigh the mechanisms that increase commercial electric and fuel demands. People’s self sufficiency is more important than Pellets, expanding the natural gas lines/ fracking contracts, or other oil companys’ own subsidiary green, eco, enviro and bio products. Those are just other competing minority market interests, wanting various different outcomes – they may not necessarily aligned with the general, overall, good natured common sense around what is truly sustainable living.

Jeremy A. D’Herville
Marketing Director
FlueCube International Ltd.

The FlueCube:

  • 100% New Zealand owned, designed & manufactured
  • International patents pending in 40 countries
  • Certified to UK/ European manufacturing standards BS 715:1993 and BSEN1856-1:2009
  • Easy to install and remove for routine flue cleaning
  • High grade stainless steel – free of moving parts – built to last for generations
  • Low maintenance – for the entire heating system
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